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Hi! I’m Joseph Cheek, founder of The Indie Launchpad. I launched this company after years working with talented artists in the studio as a producer, where I would pour my emotional and creative energy and effort into the music I was creating with the artist, only for them to take away their completed masterpiece and do absolutely nothing with it.

This was extremely frustrating. I wanted the artists to do well just as much as they did (perhaps even more sometimes).

After more frustration from working on incredible songs and having them go nowhere, I started The Indie Launchpad. A dedicated platform to help artists successfully launch their music and their musical careers - taking out all of the guesswork, googling, trial and error, frustration and wasted time from the process.

We provide a clear and proven roadmap to follow so that all the boxes are ticked leading up to your launch, and following your launch. This will give you the absolute best chance of being able to quit your boring day job and focus on your music full time by continuing to grow your global fan base with each new release.

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