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Our goal is to help you succeed in any way we can. Not just to reach vague goals you may have, but to help you properly define those goals and crush them.  We have a range of resources for independent artists to suit all needs and budgets. 

All the tools you need for success

Our Flagship Products

Exclusive Coaching

Our top offering available through application 

In our exclusive coaching program you'll receive training, guidance, and feedback for every step of the journey. Together we'll construct your ultimate release plan for your next release, whilst giving you a repeatable framework for all your future releases.

The foundation for your success

Our cornerstone course that ensures you understand and can implement the fundamentals of releasing and promoting your music. 

From registering as a songwriter, understanding and getting paid royalties, to getting your music onto streaming platforms and promoting it for the world to hear. 

Free Products & Resources

20 Essential Steps from Songwriting to Release

Wishing that you knew more about the journey from songwriting all the way through to release? Worried you're missing some steps? This is for you! 

Our free Pocket Release Guide will give you a run down of 20 essential steps throughout the journey. Do these things and you'll be off to a flying start! 

The Indie Launchpad Podcast

The only podcast you'll need as an independent artist


This podcast will be your one-stop shop as an independent artist. Our goal is to bring all the info, tools, tips and tricks that you need to know about all in the one place. 

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Bite-Sized Tips & Tricks

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For one-minute tips and tricks that you can apply immediately to help you independent artist journey! 

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The Indie Launchpad was built from the ground up with one goal in mind:

To Help Independent Artists Like You Grow Your Fanbase

The Indie Launchpad was built from the ground up with one goal in mind: to help pop and indie artists to grow their fanbases.

A great song is essential, but it’s only the beginning - it has to be heard!

We want to help you discover your die hard fans, start your Spotify snowball and help you work towards doing what you love full time - playing and creating more music.

We understand that sometimes even just knowing where to start in releasing your music can seem completely overwhelming - what do you even google if you don’t even know what you should be doing in the first place?!

We're here to fill in all the gaps in your knowledge so that you can:

  • ​Get started the right way and build your strong foundation to launch from. 
  • ​Use social media to discover and connect with your Die-Hard Fans
  • ​Start your Spotify Snowball by cracking into the algorithms and see your streams soar
  • ​Work towards becoming the artist you were born to be and make a living captivating the world with your music.
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Does this sound like you?

You are sometimes or constantly feeling like...

  • ​Item One: I didn't believe in myself (internal belief)
  • ​Item Two: I have no outside help or resources (external)
  • ​Item Three: The market is in a downturn (environment)

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